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Buy all kinds of aquarium plants. Specialized in Aquascaping

The world of aquariums is relaxing and offers you many possibilities. Are you interested in Aquascaping and Aquatic Plants? Or is it the prawns in Gambarios? It doesn't matter if it is Aquascaping, a breeding aquarium, a shrimp aquarium, a planted aquarium or simply the classic community aquarium with fish, you will surely find everything you need to assemble your project with the right equipment and plants in our Premiumbuces Online Store. You can buy CO2 accessories, aquarium filters, LED screens, filter inputs and outputs, skimmers, shrimp food of the most relevant brands, landscaping tools As pruning shears and aquarium clamps, water tests, conditioners, shrimp salts and much more, your products will be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Aquarium plants

Specialized in the sale of rare aquatic plants and hard to come by, like Bucephalandra, Aridarum, Fenestratum, Lagenandra y HomalomenaWe are always working hard to offer you a wide variety of different quality plants. In doing so, we have potted plants grown in nurseries, in vitro plants, or plants grown by ourselves. Potted aquarium plants are grown out of the water and have the advantage of being much more robust. This facilitates shipping and the chances of introducing algae or pests into the aquarium are very low.

You can find many classic plants for use at Aquascaping, groundcover plants like Hemianthus Callitrichoides "Cuba", Glossostigma elatinoides o Eleocharis "Mini" which grows in the form of grass. The ground cover is usually of plants with small leaves that grow like a carpet. They are normally used in the foreground of the aquarium.

The moss They are used in both Natural Aquariums and Gambarios and are very easy to maintain, plants with beautiful dark green colors and fine leaves. In addition, they offer many hiding places and spawning possibilities for small fish and invertebrates.

Here you can find mosses like Riccardi Chamedryfolia o Fissidens fontanus, apart from a great variety of Fissidens rare for your collection. Aquarium shrimp especially like to graze on mosses. Like epiphytic plants, moss attaches to the Hardscape like stones or wood. Epiphytes are plants like Ferns, Anubias y Bucephalandras, which adhere to the decoration of the aquarium with its roots. These plants are easy to maintain, undemanding and used for the middle zone of Natural Aquariums. This area often also includes aquatic plants such as Cryptocoryne o Echinodorus small in size.

For the bottom of the aquarium, the favorite species are Rotala, Pogostemon Erectus o LudwigiaThey grow very fast and are colorful. With its striking purple, red or orange shades, these aquarium plants present a great contrast against other aquatic plants and decoration.

We also have the most common plants such as: Limnophila Sessiliflora "Ambulia", Hygrophila polysperma,Ceratophyllum Demersum "Foxtail" o Egeria Densa "Elodea".

Floating plants are used on the surface of the aquarium water. These are mainly used as a hiding place and refuge for fish and shrimp hatchlings.

In addition, you will always find rarities in our store, which are generally seldom for sale or not available in stores.


The restless aquarium prawns They adapt to almost all nano aquarium mounts or any other size, even enriching aquariums of plants and aquatic landscapes with their colors and liveliness. The fact that they are also good algae eaters, regulate biofilms or biofilms, the growth of algae, food debris and fish waste makes them even more useful, they have become very popular aquarium dwellers in recent years. Here, in our Online Store, you will find everything you need for the care and successful breeding of your Aquarium Prawns, Caridines or Neocaridines. You can choose from a carefully selected range of foods, additives and minerals and salt for shrimp to keep your shrimp in perfect condition, we also offer natural products like dry leaves, indian almond leaves, seeds and alder pineapples, shrimp-friendly substrates, everything you need for water care and conditioning, and of course helpful items such as salavers, filter protectors, feeding dishes and much more!


In addition to carbon and light, aquarium plants need additional nutrients. There is categorically a distinction between macro and micronutrients. The latter is composed of iron along with other trace elements such as manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, cobalt and nickel. These elements are only needed in small quantities by aquatic plants. In principle, an iron fertilizer may also be necessary. So-called macronutrients are added in considerably higher amounts, including mainly nitrogen (N), potassium (P), and phosphorus (K). A complete supply of all nutrients is important for good and healthy growth of aquarium plants. For more information on this topic, we recommend looking at the article: How to fertilize an aquarium from our blog.

Different species of aquarium plants absorb their food to varying degrees through their leaves and stems, as well as through the root system. Especially plants that feed intensively on roots like Vallisnerias, Cryptocorynes, and Echinodorus benefit greatly from a nutrient-rich substrate or from fertilizing the substrate. The balls o fertilizer capsules They are commonly used in the aquarium, specifically placed in the soil substrate, near the roots of aquatic plants that need it. Aquarium plants that primarily take in nutrients through their leaves can be well supplemented with liquid manure. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of liquid fertilizers such as iron fertilizers, micronutrients and NPK from well-known brands such as Seachem, Aquavitro, Azoo y Qualdrop at our shop. Incidentally, an optimal supply of nutrients involves the addition of nutrients through liquid fertilizers, as well as a nutritive substrate.

In addition, when it comes to water hardness, parameters such as calcium and magnesium can be adjusted in a special proportion to optimize the growth of your aquarium plants. Both elements are important, macronutrients too.

In order to safely determine the various nutrient contents, the corresponding water tests are required. All the important water tests for the proper growth of aquarium plants, such as iron, nitrate, phosphate, potassium, carbonate hardness and many more, can be found in our store in the “Travel Pass" But even with the naked eye, an experienced hobbyist can recognize if aquatic plants lack certain nutrients. For this, we recommend our article on: Symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in aquarium plants.


The term Aquascaping o Aquatic Landscaping refers to an original assembly of aquariums, in which an underwater landscape is designed. Various types of natural materials are used. Of course, aquarium plants are crucial for this, but also the typical decorative materials, which are called Hardscape. These include, above all, stones, roots and wood. A wide selection of stones known as Seiryu, Dragon Rock and Volcanic Rock, as well as Moorwood, Talawa, Dark Iron Driftwood and Red Moor type wood are available in the store on our website. We sell rocks by the kilo and all woods are offered as individual and unique pieces.

We offer a large selection of nutritious substrates for Aquascaping. These are active substrates, which influence water values ​​in a way that creates optimal environments, especially for fish and plants that need soft water. We offer first-class products from well-known manufacturers such as ADA, Platinum Soil or Glasgarten. Cosmetic sand and decorative gravel are also necessary at Aquascaping.

When it comes to purely technical components, the Premiumbuces store It also offers everything you need so you can set up the aquarium you imagine. We offer aquarium urns in various sizes, complete kits, individual urns made of optical glass or glass. Aquarium equipment, such as the appropriate filtration that can be of different types such as external, internal and backpack filters, as well as adequate lighting are crucial for the assembly of your Aquascaping Aquarium. Refering to lighting, we put emphasis on economical LED technology. Strong enough lighting is vital for the vibrant growth and intense coloration of your aquatic plants.

Creative, maintenance and care work requires the use of the appropriate tools. The calls Aquascaping tools They mainly consist of different plant scissors, which are available in various lengths and designs (straight or curved). The special models "Wave Scissors" and "Spring Scissors" are especially useful for pruning plants that cover the substrate in a natural aquarium. Tweezers are an indispensable tool to properly plant aquatic plants. With this tool, the aquascaper has it much easier than, for example, placing all the plants on your hands. But also sand flatteners and blades (scrapers) are useful tools in the maintenance of an aquarium.


Carbon is one of the most important nutrients for aquatic plants. This element is generally consumed by plants in the form of CO2. Although this gas is also produced by the inhabitants of the aquarium, the amount will not be sufficient if there are a greater number of fast-growing or demanding plants. It is advisable to support a densely planted natural aquarium with additional carbon fertilization through a CO2 system. Our store offers a wide selection of equipment CO2 for refillable CO2 equipment. In addition to numerous technical components, such as pressure reducers, manometers, needle valves and pH controllers, the CO2 accessories Such as bubble counters, check valves, tubes and different diffusers are available here.

Last but not least, there are the glass or acrylic CO2 accessories.

Biological CO2 systems or disposable solutions are a good alternative when you have just started in the hobby or you install small Nano Aquariums.


You can take a look at all the articles and highlight our selection of Rare plants y Gambas area. We prepare your order with great care, we always guarantee safe packaging and GLS will deliver it to your home in less than 24 hours since we prepare the shipment for Spain. For Shipments in Europe we have Express Shipments that are generally delivered in the following 3 days, depending on the distance of your country. To know more about our shipments you can see the section: Fast and Secure Shipping.

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